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Active Shooter Response Kit

Active Shooter Events necessitate rapid and immediate response. The Active Shooter Response Kit is designed to supply critical supplies to First Responders prior to the arrival of SWAT. The design bypasses the cumbersome over the shoulder bag style, and positions vital supplies chest level in the officers’ natural “working space”. The kit was designed with input from SWAT officers, Combat Veterans, ER doctors and Emergency Response Professionals. This isn’t just another repackaged medical bag or plate carrier. From the ground up, the ASRK is a purpose built product to supply First Responders with what they need to effectively address the threat.

This gives anyone the ability to be equipped in an active shooter event.  Call today for information on how to equip your school officials, first responders, medical personnel or law enforcement professionals.

Active Shooter Response Kit

Customizable Chest Rig for Law Enforcement,

Security Guards or School Officials

Active Shooter Response Vest hydration

Hydration System Integration

Active Shooter Response Kit

Active Shooter Response Kit Storage Bag

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